ISETSA National Congress

ISETSA 2nd National Congress on Health and Safety
for the Performing Arts in the Secondary Schools

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The 2nd National Congress on Health & Safety for the Performing Arts in Secondary Schools is generously sponsored in part by:

  • Mainstage Theatrical Supply, Inc., Milwaukee, WI
  • USITT - Midwest Section


Tuesday, July 20, 2010 8:00 AM - Thursday, July 22, 2010 5:00 PM (Central Time)


South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center
901 15th Avenue
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53172

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$350.00 (click here to register)


  • 28 hours of professional information
  • Daily Q&A sessions with the express purpose of addressing problems and issues that have come up in YOUR world of theatre production and education
  • Catered lunches
  • Individual Membership in ISETSA
  • 3 Books written by Dr. Randall W.A. Davidson - $99.00 value
    • Administrative Review
    • On Stage
    • Setting the Stage
  • Embroidered ISETSA Polo
  • Technical materials will be distributed at sessions
  • Certificates of Participation will be awarded at the end of each Congressional meeting

Lodging and Travel expenses not included

We are "in process" on offering Continuing Education units. Because many state Departments of Education now require that the CEUs be backed by an accredited institution, we are working to secure the CEUs in that manner. We will let you know as soon as we have more information.


Sessions and Presenters subject to change

Session One: The Reality of Greening Your Theater and Its Operations
Presenter: Dr. Randall W.A. Davidson
(see schedule below)
Description: Very rarely do people think of "greening" a theatre as a safety issue, but that is exactly what it is when one considers the vast amount of hazardous exposures you may come into contact with in a typical theatre. "Dr. Doom" breaks down what to look for, what to change, and what to accomplish in your efforts to "green" your operations.

Session Two: OSHA: "Where the Chalk Meets the Chalk-Board"
Presenter: Jay C. Stone and/or Dr. Randall W.A. Davidson
Times: (see schedule below)
Description: A discussion of the professional and ethical responsibility of those in the theatrical education industry as they relate to the OSHA codes and regulations. This presentation also addresses the importance of integrating the law into the curriculum and practice of teaching.

Session Three: Don't Get Punched in the Face by Stage Combat
Presenter: David Krajec, and/or Jay C. Stone
Times: (see schedule below)
Description: What do you do when one kid hits another? You say "That looked SO REAL!" It really is all in the timing, training, and, ummm, timing. Your students have already heard you say that "Practice makes perfect." but in no other endeavor in theatre will they find this to be more true than in Stage Combat. Fight choreographer and all around theatre guy David Krajec, and entertainment production master Jay C. Stone are going to help you in your quest to get your students to fight the right way. They'll be punching, kicking, slashing and slicing their way through a fight that looks "SO REAL!" in no time, and doing it safely, IF you take the right steps. So...Shakespeare anyone?

Session Four: Safety, Safe & Safely: Demystified and De-"Feared"
Presenter: Tim Catlett
Times: (see schedule below)
Description: When the subject of "safety" comes up, do you prefer to hide? Does it scare you to think of the possibilities? Do you fear bringing up the subject, yourself, to Administrators? Parents? Even your students? Have "NO FEAR" when it comes to safety! Stand up and be proud to be safe! Theatre Educator Tim Catlett will give you the tools you need to become the "qualified" and "competent" person that your program needs in your journey to having the safest students possible. It isn't hard; it needn't be scary; and it certainly can be fun. Become the person who builds a "safety culture" in your school and the "hard work" takes care of itself.

Session Five: The Scene Shop, the Stage, and the Lone Teacher
Presenter: David Krajec and/or Tim Catlett
Times: (see schedule below)
Description: The lone teacher walks on stage and says to herself, "What are these kids going to do to my nerves today?" She looks around and sees fluorescent orange here, "Caution" signs there. She sees goggles that make you look dumb, and earplugs that don't play music. She moves the "swords" from the day before and realizes that a Barbie doll is air-stapled to one of them. What IS she going to do? Well, professional theatre educators and technical directors Tim Catlett and David Krajec will give you not only real-world examples of this kind of world, but real-world solutions to make the world more manageable. You know, she just couldn't help herself, she laughed at the Barbie doll.

Session Six: Fear Free Flying (awaiting confirmation)
Presenter: Foy's Joe McGeough
Times: (see schedule below)

Session Six: Stage Weapons: Swords & Knives & Guns, oh my! (awaiting confirmation)
Presenter: Jim Guy, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre
Times: (see schedule below)


To be announced.


Dr. Randall W.A. Davidson
8803 West Ontario Avenue
Littleton, CO 80128
Phone & Fax: (720) 922-0707
Tim Catlett
6529 N 54th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53223
Mobile: 414-975-4424



ISETSA is a newly established association dedicated to the health and safety of the students, administrators, and instructors who work in the secondary private and public schools, in the performing arts programs, productions, and activities.

ISETSA is associated with the risk management corporation RISK INTERNATIONAL & ASSOCIATES, INC. (RIA). RIA's major focus is the Entertainment Industry and Performing Arts in Higher Education. The professionals at RIA work with ISETSA in all phases of its operations. RIA has skilled professionals in all areas of the performing arts industry.


ISETSA was founded to be a world-wide clearing house for health and safety for the secondary school performing arts. We believe that there are many issues to discuss concerning the health and safety in the performing arts of the secondary schools; therefore, ISETSA has developed a three-year plan to place health and safety topics and issues for each year. The Congresses, one each year for three years, will focus on five major topics at each Congress.

Purpose: At these Congresses, ISETSA will develop a Health and Safety Bill of Rights for the Secondary School Performing Arts.

It is ISETSA's goal to establish these Congresses as an annual forum for the development of health and safety curriculum and programs in the performing arts of the secondary schools.

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