Protect lives and property from catastrophic and disastrous occurrences by eliminating hazardous exposures and imminent dangers with fully integrated risk management and loss prevention programs.

Our Association is totally dedicated to the health and safety of the students, administrators and instructors (directors, technicians, choreographers, scene designers, lighting designers, and makeup artists) who work in the secondary private and public schools (middle, junior, and senior highs) in the performing arts(drama, theatre, music, dance, television, broadcast) programs, productions and activities.

The professionals in the Association have as their primary focus in the performing arts programs and activities, the following considerations: production safety and health, industrial hygiene applications, requirements of building and Life Safety Codes, all aspects of fire prevention standards, security, stage and facility safety, and tool and equipment safety use.

Expertise in the Association extends to all aspects of the performing arts in schools and educational settings, i.e. summer camps and performing arts high schools, public and private schools.

The Association directs its expertise to the specialty areas of the performing arts where health, safety, security and the environment play a key role. ISETSA works in skills development and training, facility safety and health, the design of environmentally healthy, secure and safe performing facilities, and in operational safety, security and health.

Safety and Health Applications in Specialized Activities of the Performing Arts:
  • acting
  • blocking & staging
  • directing
  • painting
  • construction of scenery and props
  • operating rigging systems
  • proper use of motorized equipment
  • proper use of ladders
  • the use of fog
  • the use of lasers
  • the use of state weaponry
  • stage fighting
  • the use of pyrotechnics
  • special effects applications
  • makeup applications
  • operation of follow spots
  • the use of audio equipment
  • the use of projection equipment
  • dance and choreography
  • flying individuals
  • lighting productions and events, dimmer use
  • proper care of lighting instruments and cables
  • use of welding and metal cutting equipment
  • the use of plastics
  • applications with adhesives
  • the use of hand tools
  • the use of power equipment
  • applications and use of lifts
  • working with turntables and wagons
  • touring productions
  • the use of traps and orchestra pits
  • construction and use of costumes
  • erecting and using scaffolding
  • the use of choral risers and platforms
  • flameretarding props and scenery
  • proper use of dressing rooms
  • applications of fire prevention and safety
  • the proper care of curtains and drapes
  • working with acoustical shells
  • proper use of fire and deluge curtains
  • proper storage
  • proper strike techniques
  • proper emergency evacuation with drills
  • proper housekeeping of the total theater
  • proper use of chemicals in all applications
  • proper and safe use of electrical equipment
  • proper operation of the house and box office
  • First Aid and CPR considerations
  • security considerations

ISETSA is associated with the risk management corporation Risk International & Associates, Inc* ( RIA's major focus is the Entertainment Industry and Performing Arts in Higher Education. The professionals at RIA work with ISETSA in all phases of its operations. RIA has skills professionals in all areas of the performing arts and industry.

The staff at ISETSA have worked with public and private educational institutions at all levels, for more than sixty years, in a variety of positions, i.e. risk assessors, instructors, inspectors, skills training, health applications, fire prevention codes and standards, applicable entertainment and theatre related standards and practices, staging, production, makeup, weaponry and stage fighting, shop work, television production, and dance.


*Background Information on Risk International & Associates, Inc.

Risk International & Associates, Inc. is the firm that possesses the knowledge and the professional experience in school theatre safety from K through the University. Risk has on staff individuals who have worked in the entertainment, performing arts, and public assembly areas all of their lives; they have been intensely involved in the drama and performing arts programs since 1943. Risk has been and is still is closely involved with theater and performing arts programs, curriculum and facilities. They have developed national and international programs and curriculum for the secondary schools, and have developed training programs for students and instructors.

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