ISETSA's Mission, Values, and Purpose

ISETSA's Mission

The mission of the International Secondary Education Theatre Health and Safety Association (ISETSA) is to promote standards of health and safety practices in theatre and theatre education. We do this primarily by connecting students, educators, technical experts and practioners with each other. We also provide opportunities for our association participants to learn, exchange, expand and diversify their work, their standards of practice and their perspectives. Ultimately, ISETSA is your source for health and safety advocacy in the face of ever expanding performance expectations, capabilities, and possibilities.

ISETSA's Values

  1. Ideas, resources, and support networks
  2. Best practices in Educational Theatre health and safety
  3. Standards for Theatre Education health and safety
  4. Safety-minded curriculum development
  5. Supportive relationships with authorities and experts
  6. Theatre students, the source of Theatre's future

ISETSA's Purpose

  • To foster superior health and safety standards for Theatre Education and Theatre Arts.
  • To develop principles of best practices for health and safety throughout the Theatre Education community.
  • To develop resources for health and safety practices in the Theatre Education community.
  • To advance health and safety practices in the Theatre Education community by the following:
    • Seeking recognition for and support of standards and practices from theatre, arts education, school district and governmental agencies.
    • Cooperation with individuals and organizations with similar interests.
    • Raising public awareness of the need for health and safety practices in Thteatre Education.
  • To serve as an international resource network for Theatre Education professionals by the following:
    • Publishing curriculum materials, newsletters, monographs, directories, and resource lists.
    • Sustaining congresses for training and interaction.
    • Establishing a communication and support network for comprehensive discussions of ideas and information.

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