Risk International & Associates, Inc.

The entertainment, performing arts (theater, dance, studios), public assembly, education, health, security, and safety company.

Risk International and Associates (RIA) specializes in Risk Management and Risk Assessment of Public Assembly and Entertainment facilities. Dr. Randall W. A. Davidson, Principal of RIA, has been serving these two major industries, as well as heavy industry, for well over forty years. The specialty of RIA is protecting the health of people, as well as safeguarding facilities and equipment. Dr. Davidson is very familiar with entertainment, having worked in many capacities in the industry for most of his life.

Risk International is recognized internationally as the company whose sole objective is AN HONEST AND ETHICAL DEDICATION TO THE HEALTH, SAFETY AND PROTECTION OF ALL who work in the public assembly and entertainment industries.

The Associates of Risk International round out the company's expertise in the areas of academic settings, computers, technology and private industry risk analysis.

Whether you are a small theatre group, a university, or a large corporation, Risk International has a program to help make your working environment a safe one.

RISK INTERNATIONAL AND ASSOCIATES (RIA) specializes in Risk Management and Risk Assessment of Public Assembly, Entertainment Facilities, and Educational Venues:

  • Health & Safety Programs and Evaluations
  • Environmental Audits & Inspections
  • Security and Fire Prevention System Inspections
  • Public Assembly Safety Evaluations
  • Expert Witness in Litigation
  • Skill Training
  • Performing Arts Facilities Evaluations
  • Hazardous Communication Act Audits

Risk International & Associates are dedicated to one simple concept,
that "Human life is precious and must be protected".


  • been the World's Professional Leaders in Entertainment, Public Assembly, and Educational Health and Safety Programs since 1964.
  • developed world-wide professional workshops, seminars and risk management programs in Entertainment, Public Assembly and Educational Performing Arts.
  • developed hundreds of Health, Safety, Product, Security, and Environmental Manuals for hundreds of corporations and institutions.
  • provided major, comprehensive risk assessments and analyses for world insurance brokers and carriers, and Lloyds of London members.
  • over one-hundred fifty years of combined experience in risk management and assessment in companies and organizations around the world.
  • over six decades of professional expertise in the inspection and analysis of Educational Facilities and Properties.

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Practical Health and Safety Guidelines for School Theater Operations - Assessing the Risks in Middle, Junior and Senior High School Theater Buildings and Programs

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Product Liability Assessor: Certified  ||||  Risk Management Assessor and Analyst: Expert  ||||  Health and Safety Expert and Assessor in Entertainment, Public Assembly and Education, Fine Arts  ||||  Expert Witness: 420 Cases  ||||  Codes and Standards Consultant: Special Effects, Entertainment, Process Management, Fireworks, Pyrotechnics, Theater and Motion Pictures Facilities, Life Safety, Performing Arts Facilities, ADA, Rigging  ||||  Worker Compensation Reviewer: Insurance Brokers and Carriers  ||||  HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS AND ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITS

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