Risk's Clients


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(list in progress)

Environmental Audits & Assessments

(this is a selected list of environmental clients that RIA has serviced)

  • California Institute of the Arts, Health and Environmental Audits
  • California State University at Fullerton, Asbestos Survey
  • Huntington Beach High School District, Environmental, Chemical Audits
  • Rank Strand Corporation, world-wide development Environmental Audits
  • The Tandy Corporation, Radio Shack, world-wide Environmental Audits
  • Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, Health, Safety, and Environmental Audits
  • University of California, Environmental Departments, developed Ventilation Video
  • Claremont Colleges (6) Environmental Audits of all Laboratories and Buildings
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas, two day Chemical Class
  • Alexander & Alexander, Inc. Environmental Specialist (ten years: globally)
  • Lloyds of London, Environmental Audits for members
  • Fannie Mae, lectures on Environmental Auditing
  • Bourns Electronics, Environmental Programs and Audits
  • Diceon Semiconductor, Environmental Audits
  • Luna Tech, Environmental and Safety Audit
  • BKK Landfill, Environmental Audit
  • Burbank, Glendale Airport, Environmental Audit
  • American Society of Safety Engineers, Classes in Hazardous Waste
  • Sue Fisher, development of Waste Management Books
  • Northrup, Inc. Environmental Audits, 46 sites
  • Utah Foam Company, Environmental Audit
  • Coca Cola Corporation, Environmental and Safety Programs
  • Avery International, Inc. Environmental Audits
  • Pepsico, Inc. Environmental Audits
  • Smith-Klein Corporation, Environmental Audits
  • Leach Corporation, Environmental Audits
  • Norris Industries, Environmental Audits
  • Lear Siegler Corporation, Environmental Audits
  • Continental Graphics, Inc. Environmental and Safety Audits
  • Western Waste Corporation, Environmental and Safety Audits
  • Conoco Oil Company, Environmental Audits
  • Shell Oil Company, Environmental Audits
  • Hunter Engineering, Environmental and Safety Audits
  • Calgon, Inc. Environmental Audits
  • Terminex Corporation, Environmental Audits
  • American Pacific Corporation (solid rocket fuel site) Environmental Audit
  • Arrowhead Water, Inc. , Environmental Audits
  • Zep Manufacturing Co., Environmental and Safety Audits
  • L.A. County School System, Environmental and Safety Audits
  • Pasadena Unified School System, Safety and Environmental Audits
  • University of Redlands, Development of Safety and Environmental Programs
  • Gulf & Western, Inc. Safety and Environmental Audits
  • Thrifty Drugs, Inc. Environmental Audits
  • Beatrice Corporation, Inc. Safety and Environmental Audits
  • Toro Corporation, Safety and Environmental Audits
  • Chemical Safety Class, IATSE, Costumers, El Camino College
  • Chairperson: NFPA, Pyrotechnics Committee
  • Principal: NFPA Special Effects Committee
  • Santa Anita Race Track, Environmental and Safety Audits
  • Orange Coast College, Environmental and Safety Audit
  • Golden West College, Environmental and Safety Audit
  • California State University at Hayward, Chemical Safety Class
  • Max Factor, Inc. Environmental and Safety Audits
  • California Plaza, Environmental and Safety Audit
  • Ralph Parsons Corporation, Environmental and Safety Audits Holiday Spas, Inc., Environmental and SafetyAudits
  • City of Industry Hotel and Methane Plant, Environmental and Safety Audits
  • Trizek and Hahn Corporation, Environmental, Security, and Safety Audits
  • The Franklin Bank, Environmental Audit
  • Pioneer Electronics, Inc. Environmental Audits
  • Pacific Optical Corporation, Environmental Audits
  • San Jose State University of California, Chemical and Safety Seminar
  • University of Calgary, Environmental and Safety Audit
  • Mission Linen Corp., Environmental Audits
  • Bekins, Inc., Environmental and Safety Audits
  • Del-Mar Printing, Inc., Environmental Audits
  • The Republic Corporation, Environmental and Safety Audits
  • W.R. Grace & Co, Inc., Environmental and Safety Audits
  • Colonial Cosmetics, Inc. , Environmental Audits
  • UCLA Arts Laboratories, Environmental Audit
  • Allergan, Inc. , Environmental Audits
  • Host International, Inc., Environmental and Safety Audits
  • Midas International, Inc., Environmental and Safety Audits
  • I.C. Industries, LTD, Environmental Audits
  • National Airmotive, Inc. , Environmental Audits
  • Honeywell Corporation, Environmental Audits
  • Quatron Systems, Inc., Environmental and Safety Audits
  • Product Research and Chemical, Inc. , Environmental Audits
  • Selig Chemical Industries, Inc., Environmental Audits
  • Consolidated Plastics, Inc. , Environmental Audits
  • Hill Brothers Chemical Corporation, Environmental Audits
  • Pacific Smelting Corporation, Inc., Environmental Audits
  • Nerve Gas Storage Center, Jonson Atoll, Nuclear Agency, Environmental Audit
  • Developed and presented dozens of courses on Environmental and Chemical Health and Safety for ASSE, school districts, Disney, USITT, IAAM.


Risk International & Associates has assisted attorneys in some 350 lawsuits. These lawsuits concerned concerts, educational, entertainment, environmental, products, public assembly, security, or slips & falls.

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