Courses and Classes

These professional Risk Management Courses and Classes are frequently evaluated in order that they may meet the needs of the people in the industries they serve.

  1. Industrial Hygiene Practices for the Entertainment Technician
  2. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the Entertainment Personnel
  3. Chemical Safety and Health Procedures for Performing Arts Technicians
  4. Ergonomic Applications for Entertainment Technicians
  5. How to Professionally Provide a Risk Assessment and Analysis of an Entertainment Facility and Its Operations
  6. Entertainment Shop Safety and Health
  7. Costume Shop Safety and Health Procedures
  8. How to Conduct an Environmental Audit of an Entertainment Facility
  9. How to Competently Inspect and Provide a Risk Assessment of a Rigging System and its Components
  10. The Writing of Rigging Specifications to Code and Standards
  11. Pyrotechnic Codes and Standards for the Entertainment Industry
  12. Liability Analysis of Products in the Entertainment Industry
  13. Review of Worker Compensation Claims and Cases in Entertainment and Public Assembly Venues
  14. How to Provide Expert Witness Competency in Entertainment Incidents and Deaths
  15. How to Document Risk Assessments and Incidents in Entertainment
  16. Application of the NFPA Life Safety Code and its Public Assembly Sections to Entertainment Operations
  17. Up to date and Present Applications of Special Effects in the Entertainment Industry
  18. Pyrotechnic Codes and Practices for Entertainment Personnel and their Facilities
  19. Designing and Constructing an Entertainment Facility: Health and Safety, Security and Environmental Considerations
  20. Codes and Standards that Apply to the Entertainment Industry
  21. Evaluation of Insurance Coverage for Performing Arts Centers
  22. ADA Practices and Procedures to Comply with the laws as Applied to Entertainment Facilities: Disabled Access, hiring of Disabled Personnel
  23. Developing Health and Safety Programs for Entertainment Facilities and Public Assembly
  24. Developing Security and Fire Protection Programs for Entertainment Facilities
  25. OSHA and other Regulations that Apply to Entertainment
  26. Developing Emergency Programs and Evacuation Procedures for Entertainment Facilities and Operations
  27. On Location Health, Safety, Environmental and Fire Protection for Television and Film Shoots
  28. Comprehensive Security Analysis and Equipment Applications for Public Assembly Buildings
  29. Health and Safety Considerations in Productions
  30. Weapon Safety in Productions
  31. Major Liability Suits in Entertainment and Their Application to the Everyday Working World of the Entertainment Person
  32. Risk assessments of Entertainment Corporations and Their Operations, and Evaluation for Competency of Personnel
  33. Tour Safety and Health Programs
  34. Development of Safety, Security, Environmental, Product Liability, and Fire Prevention Manuals
  35. Development of Fleet Safety Programs
  36. Crowd Management and Crowd Control Applications in Public Assembly and Entertainment
  37. Human Factor Engineering Practices and Procedures
  38. Development of Health, Safety, Environmental and Fire Protection Safety for those who Work in Educational Institutions with the Performing Arts and Visual Arts
  39. Managing an Arts Council
  40. Injury, Fire, and Injury Analysis for Law Suits and for Programs
  41. Theme Park Health, Safety, Product, and Environmental Practices and Procedures
  42. How to Chair and Participate in Entertainment Code and Standard Committees
  43. Development of Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs for Entertainment Corporations
  44. How to Evaluate Vendors for the Purchase of Entertainment Products
  45. Failure Mode Analysis for Structural and Building Defects
  46. Night Club, Disco, and Casino Security, Health, Fire Prevention and Safety Programs and Procedures
  47. Health and Safety Considerations and Practices for Children's Theatre and Theatre with Children
  48. Health and Safety Considerations in Electrical Applications for Entertainment Personnel
  49. The Clean, Secure, Safe and Healthy Box Office: Practices and Procedures
  50. Safety Considerations for Rigging in Ballrooms and Convention Centers
  51. Fog and Smoke Machines: Health, Environmental, Fire, Safety and Product Considerations
  52. The Safe and Healthy Use of Lasers in the Entertainment
  53. Flame Retarding Practices in Entertainment
  54. Competencies and Liability for the Entertainment Person
  55. Outdoor Drama Health and Safety Practices, Procedure and Programs
  56. Health and Safety Procedures in Model Shops in Entertainment
  57. Risk Assessments of Casino Ships
  58. Seismic Inspections of Public Assembly and Entertainment Facilities
  59. Lift Safety Programs
  60. Fall Protection Codes, Standards and Procedures

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