Training: Rigging

The Alliance for International Entertainment Riggers

  • Professional instruction from 59 professional, technical personnel in the Entertainment and Rigging Industry.
  • Ten (10) separate Workshops and Classes, ranging from five to nine days.
  • Individual Workshops and presentations: two and three days.
  • Providing State of the Art information in Rigging Principles, Engineering, Structures, Fall Protection, Motors, Trusses, Liability, Federal Regulations, Slings, Wire Rope, Rope Technology, Fasteners, and Operational Technique for Risk Assessment and Inspections.

In development: a program of courses, curriculum, examinations, and professional assessments toward:


The list below is a sampling of the type of personnel who have enrolled in our RIGGING CLASSES. Twenty-eight countries are represented and over 500 corporations and institutions.

  • Professional Entertainment Riggers
  • Professional Industrial Riggers
  • Rigging Companies and Suppliers
  • Audio and Speaker Companies
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Architects and Attorneys
  • Structural and Mechanical Engineers
  • Engineers and Entertainment Consultants
  • Facility Directors
  • Performing Arts Personal
  • Scenic and Lighting Designers
  • IATSE local members, USA and Canada
  • Movie and Television Studio Rigging Technicians
  • Concert Riggers
  • Standard's Making Personnel
  • Night Club Personnel
  • Secondary School Theatre Instructors
  • Theme Park and Amusement Park Technicians
  • Circus Technicians and Performers
  • University and College Department Chairpersons, Deans
  • Arts Councils Trustees and Members
  • Secondary and Junior High Students
  • Regional and Community Theatre Personnel
  • Stadium, Arena, and Venue Owners and Operators
  • Hotel and Ballroom Facility Riggers and Managers
  • Open Air, Plaza, and Outdoor Drama Technicians
  • Casino Showroom Technicians
  • Cruise Ship Technicians and Riggers
  • Insurance Loss Control Engineers and Inspectors
  • Conference and Athletic Center Technicians
  • Ice and Hockey Arena Technicians
  • Insurance Loss Control Engineer and Inspectors

The Demands of Today's Technology

The world of rigging has developed into more than just a hands-on attachment of a wire clip, shackle or tie line. Science, engineering, and structural principles are necessary components of every rigger's daily, basic knowledge.

Each facet of the Entertainment and Public Assembly Industry require a specific level of rigging expertise. Being proficient, as well as safe, is mandatory by all the laws and Regulations that are in existence today.

There are no accidents! There are incidents, injuries, and fatalities due to lack of training and planning, as well as disregarding the laws of physics and good order. Rigging incidents and injuries number in the thousands each year, just in the United States.


Whether or not they like it, riggers are being asked to provide a numbers of work practices, i.e., design, installation, evaluate, sometimes specify, and repair rigging equipment. With this responsibility comes a level of LIABILTY. Full knowledge, competency, and sometimes-certifiable skills are mandatory for these types of work experiences.

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